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First ferruled sling ever produced in Romania using TALURIT™machinery & ferrules.

Since almost two decades our company built itself a fame for promptitude and efficiency.
In an everchanging economy, we can ascertain upon quality products, offering high safety standards in operation and low maintenance costs for lifting equipment.

We produce steel wire slings, and distribute steel wire ropes, in a diameter range up to 150mm, textile ropes for marine and general use, lifting & rigging equipment accesories (hooks, shackles, swivels, thimbles).
Items distributed and / or produced by us have all agreements and certificates in order to be used in maritime applications, civil and industrial constructions, special transports.
Deliveries can be done, upon request, to specified location, from our warehouses situated in the Port of Constantza, Berth 53 phone + 40 241 603 522, mobile +40 735 788 685 - for maritime & river shipping industry.
Our highly trained personnel offers, besides the products themselves, optimal solutions and consulting regarding any issue related to lifting operations, fastening onboard any transport means, rigging and heavy load operations.

In accordance with international maritime operation rigors, we made ourselves available 24 / 7, rendering thus a real-time feedback to your requests.

Always, fastest and most affordable.

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